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About us

Traveling at its core is a self discovery journey. Any travel advice is relative to where you are in that journey and who you are undertaking it with.

My wife and I have been long time world travelers. We were like that before we met, and we continue to be like that today. We have both visited over 35 countries in 5 continents throughout our lifetimes. Traveling is part of our DNA.

Today, we are in our mid thirties and expecting our first child. We tell you this, not to tell you about ourselves, but to contextualize where in the journey we are. Because all travel advice is relative

In this blog you will see two posts for every trip. First, the pre-trip with an itinerary and the rationale on why we organized the trip that way. Second, you'll see a recap with our thoughts, experiences and learnings after the trip.

There is a lot of world out there, it's up to you to discover it...