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  • 6 Active San Francisco Day Trips with a Boozy Reward

    Discover the best San Francisco day trips to do with and without a car. Visit Napa Valley, Sonoma, the Redwood Forrests, Sausalito and more. Get under the radar recommendations for your day trips from San Francisco. Last updated: October 2019.

  • Norway 10 day itinerary, a fjord-optimized road trip

    An epic day-by-day Norway 10 day itinerary. An unforgettable road trip with the best places to visit and things to do in Norway including the most amazing fjords. A much better experience than Norway in a Nutshell. Last updated: October 2019.

  • Plan: Norway 10 day itinerary: a fjord-optimized road trip

    This post is the original plan we made for the Norway itinerary. We talk about why we chose Norway and the rationale on why we organized the road trip the way we did. Last updated: October 2019.